COER, consists of three organisations; COER, Massey University is the RESEARCH arm and focuses on “Acquiring Knowledge”. It administers doctoral research programmes in business excellence and benchmarking. Limited is the KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER arm and focuses on “Best Practice Sharing” through its website, COER Limited is the CONSULTANCY arm and focuses on “Applying Knowledge” through consultancy and training in business excellence and benchmarking. COER’s achievements include founding – benchmarking and best practice website (2002), managing the New Zealand Benchmarking Club (2000-2004), the Sheikh SAQR Government Excellence Program, UAE (2005-2007), reviewing the Australian Business Excellence Framework (2006), developing TRADE best practice benchmarking and certification (2007), researching the impact and value of business excellence and productivity in Asia for the Asian Productivity Organisation (2009-2011 and 2014), founders of the International Best Practice Competition (2012), and facilitating Dubai We Learn for the Dubai Government Excellence Program (2015). Dr Robin Mann, Director and founder of COER, serves as the chairman of the Global Benchmarking Network (representing 25 countries).