Our Services

In addition to the many benefits of participating in our unique competition, each round includes specialist services to grow your skills and promote your organisation on a global stage:

Round 1 Services

A preliminary assessment of your written entry by experts from the Centre for Organisational Excellence Research to inform you whether your application qualifies to Round 2. This includes providing detailed feedback on strengths and opportunities for improvement so that you can improve and resubmit your application prior to its assessment by international judges.

Round 2 & 3 Services

  • Presentation and participation at qualifier webinars (Round 2) and for Round 3 should you qualify to the final (enabling you to compare your practices with others, learning from 80+ best practices)
  • An assessment of your presentation and written entry by independent judges against either:
    • IBPC’s Best Practice Certification Scheme with a maximum grading of 7-Stars ★★★★★★★;. Practices that are graded 4-Star ★★★★ and above are considered a best practice.
    • Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) Excellence Award’s 7-Star ★★★★★★★ grading system.
    • Organisation-Wide Innovation Award’s 7-Star ★★★★★★★ grading system.
    • Global Benchmarking Award 7-Star ★★★★★★★ grading system.
  • Electronic Certificates and Verified Badges showing the Star Rating achieved and Winners recognised for each category and type of award.
  • Presenters and those answering judges questions (maximum of 3 people) are given free places to virtually attend all qualifier webinars and the final.
  • Three (3) free passwords for one year to the Best Practice Improvement Resource (BPIR.com) or 30% off the published fees for all your organisation’s employees to have access to the BPIR.com (enabling you to watch and learn from this year’s and previous year’s best practices + 1,000’s of best practice case studies and expert articles and videos).
  • All best practice applications/videos are hosted in the BPIR.com’s membership area in the spirit of best practice sharing (with any sensitive information removed).
  • Substantial international publicity and recognition for winners via BPIR.com Blogs, Linked-In Posts, other articles and listed on the IBPC website.

Entry Fees

International Best Practice Competition (IBPC) Award

Round 1 (for late applications received after 6 May 2024 we will notify you whether you have qualified to Round 2 but may not have time to provide you with a feedback report before Round 2 starts).FREE
Round 2/3 for applications received after 6 May 2024$450 USD
Special offer for Round 2/3 (if you pay by credit card by 27 May 2024 using the form at the bottom of the page, we offer a small reduction in the fee. Otherwise, you will be sent an invoice for the standard fee when we send out your feedback report).$425 USD

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Excellence Award

Round 1FREE
Round 2/3 Standard Entry (12 Pages)$968 USD
Round 2/3 Non-Standard Entry (4 pages)$410 USD

Organization-Wide Innovation Award

Round 1FREE
Round 2/3$585 USD

Global Benchmarking Award

Round 1FREE
Round 2/3$585 USD

Pay your Entry Fee

You may Pay to Enter the Competitions Here or you can wait for an invoice after you have submitted your application.